IPL Permanent Hair Removal Laser Hair Remove Device for Women and Men Face & Body Home Use Protable 450000 Flashes 2118 G2 White

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Enjoy up to 8 weeks of smooth, hair free skin, as chosen by over one million women. 94% of women experienced noticeable results after just 3 months. 89% of women experienced noticeable visible hair reduction, even 12 months after the last treatments. 
Ideal for women and men full body hair removal, including arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest. It includes a skin tone sensor to ensure your skin and hair tone are suitable, as well as five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment, even on sensitive skin and sensitive body areas. 
LCD 5 IN 1 Laser IPL Permanent Hair Removal Machine, Hair Removal, Whiten skin, Pigmented lessions treatment, Vascular abnormalities recovery and Acne- Repair function. Portable Design. You can quick and easy to use at home, on journey or even in hotel. 
3 Times of Life Span - Flash life counts 450,000 times, 3X more than average depilation device. 

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Who can use it? 
 Avoid using on naturally dark or recently tanned skin. This beauty tool is ideal for use with lighter skin tones and brown-to-black hair. For additional safety, our IPL hair removal device has a built-in smart sensor that detects if skin tone is too dark for treatment and will not pulse if the skin has too much pigment for treatment.
When will I see results? what is the treatment and schedule ?
 With just two to four self-treatment sessions, most users experience visually diminished hair that is comparable to results produced by professionally administered laser procedures.
 1.For the first four sessions: treat each area once every two week. 
 2.After the fourth session, treat each area once a month. 
 3.Most women will need 6 to 8 treatment sessions for permanent hair removal. 
 4.Most men will need an average of 8 to 10 treatment sessions. 

 Technology Instruction
 IPL photon hair removal instrument using a specific wavelength of light penetrating the epidermis, direct dermis layer selectively abosrbed by melanin in the hair follice. 
 It absorbs a large number of photons to generate heat. the temperature rises rapidly, the hair follicle damage to surrounding tissue and the photon absorption is not damaged. Hair in a short period of them to slow growth or even a full stop to achieve the purpose of permanetn hair remove. 
 At the same time, it restore the original skin elasticity, eliminate or reduce wrinkles, shrink pores. Improve skin quality, color and tighten skin. Make you looks younger and beautiful than before! 

Ratings & Reviews

See how satisfied customers are enjoying permanent results Using the Tria Hair Removal Laser as directed for at least 8 treatments, most users will achieve a substantial visible reduction in hair regrowth, and additional treatments may result in additional reductions. Depending on skin tone, hair color, body part, treatment level, and other factors, individual results from laser hair removal may range from complete reduction to little or no reduction.

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