CNV Electric Ultrasonic Face Cleansing Facial Brush Silicone Facial Brush, Cleanser and Massager - Waterproof, Vibrating Sonic Facial Cleansing System,8000RPM,PINK

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Sonic Technology, Unique Silicone, Ultra-Gentle Deep-Cleansing, Travel-friendly Design.
Rotating facial brush for deep cleansing & exfoliating, Waterproof, convenient for use in bath time.
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by deeply cleaning pores and extracting bacterial.
Exfoliates and cleanses the pores of leftover make-up and ensure clean skin from head to toes. Uses 4 "AA" batteries. (batteries not included).
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       About the product 
       Sonic Technology, Unique Silicone, Ultra-Gentle Deep-Cleansing, Travel-friendly Design. The face cleansing brush head made of special negative ions silicone material and craft processing can better penetrate into the pores of the skin and clean the texture. 
       If you use the face cleansing brush together with the cleanser, the skin cleaning can be achieved faster and more effectively.  The face cleansing brush also has function of vibration which can massage the skin, quickly achieve the magical effect of cleaning and skin care. 
The face cleansing brush contains negative ion silicone effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and cleans health ,the brush is super soft , not to hurt the skin. 
       Waterproof, suitable for bathing or washing or taking makeup off Special silicone brush head and comfortable flexibility 
       CORDLESS:The facial cleansing brush is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included). No electrical cord tethering you to an outlet or interfering with movement while you cleanse your face. 

       360 Degree Cleaning Facial Pores
       1.Facial wash head: made of special soft silicone material and craft processing,better penetrate into the pores of the skin and clean the texture.
       2.Vibration:quickly achieve the magical effect of the cleaning and skin massager.
       3.Negative ion silicone:effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and cleans heath.
       4.Cute water-proof design: Travel-friendly and love by females.

      Product description 
      Reach 8000 times per minute Massage design of high frequency vibration
      The product has compact shape and easy to carry, good design looking beautiful
Power is more safe because of 1.5V AA Battery,2xAA battery continuously  working for 4 hours.
       Packaging & Shipping
       Product Dimension  120 mm *40 mm *40mm
       Giftbox Dimension  170mm *100 mm *60mm
       Net weight  116g
      Gross weight 260g

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